Interview mit I am in Love

Vor einiger Zeit haben wir euch die britische Band “ I am in Love “ und ihr Debütalbum „Of Regard and affection“ vorgestellt. Um ein paar Hintergründe über die „Newcomer“ zu erfahren, haben wir mit „I am in Love“ ein Interview geführt. Erfahrt also, was sie uns zu ihrem Album alles verraten haben.

Albumcheck: I am in Love is your band name. What does it mean? Are you in love with your own music?

I am in Love: The name comes from our singer’s realisation that he is in love. We tend not to think of the name literally.

Albumcheck: Most oft he people say your music sound like Bloc Party or The Killers. Do you think the same?

I am in Love: No, not at all. We are bigs of Bloc Party, but we think our music sits closer to The Cure, Gary Numan and OMD. Recently on BBC Radio One, listeners likened us to Empire of the sun, Passion Pit and Prince. We like lots of music, and prefer to let others draw their own conclusions.

Albumcheck: What kind of things influences you for making music?

I am in Love: Watching other bands perform and listening to our favourite music. Sebastian’s lyrics tend to come from real life experiences and it gives him an outlet.

Albumcheck: Your Album „Regard and affection“ is very special. Do you have a favourite song?

I am in Love: Thank you for saying it is special! We certainly hope people like it! We all have a different opinion on our favourite songs, but ‚Buccaneer Mastery‘ is one we all very much enjoy on record and performing live.

Albumcheck: Oh, I like this song also. With your own words how you would describe your album?

I am in Love: We tried to write songs that we would enjoy play live. The songs are emotional and even ethereal. Most of all we hope that it excites people people like it excited us when we were making it.

Albumcheck: What was the funniest thing that happend when you rembember when you were recording the album ?

I am in Love: The sheer enjoyment of it. Every one has a passion, ours is creating and performning music. We are fortunate that our passion is also now our life.

Albumcheck: What was the worst that thing that happend when you were recording the album?

I am in Love: The invention of a double-neck ukelele. Sadly, it did not feature on the album! Maybe on the next one.

Albumcheck: Most of the bands who are successful with their sound are changing their music-style. Could it ever happen to you?

I am in Love: Yes, we enjoy many different style and types of music. The sound of, ‚Of Regard and Affection‘, was what mattered most to us at the time. We cannot predict what will matter most next time we make an album.

Albumcheck: What do you think about the fast changing in the musicscene?

I am in Love: It is very exciting. We love that so many different types of music are struggeling for prominance. It is always very nice when we hear something new and different.

So, now I want to do my shortcuts. In every Interview I tell my interlocutor two different things and they tell me what they prefer. So you have do to the same thing. 😉


The Cure or David Bowie? David Bowie (just)

Bloc Party or The Killers? Bloc Party

Tiger or Lion? Tiger

To be or not to be? To be

Regard OR affection? Affection

Lyrics or Sound? Lyrics

Albumcheck: Thats it. Thank you very much for the interview!!!!

I am in Love: Thanks very much guys. We hope you enjoy the album! “ I am in love“


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