UBERBYTE „Five Year Plan“ VÖ: 16.10.2012 (Vendetta Music)

UBERBYTE „Five Year Plan“ VÖ: 16.10.2012 (Vendetta Music)


UK electronica mavericks Uberbyte have been challenging the established EBM/Industrial rule book since their remarkable debut in 2007. Now, after four albums and countless live shows across the US, UK and Europe, the Sheffield five-piece is preparing the next leap in their evolution with new album, „Five Year Plan“.

Lead singer and founding member of Uberbyte, the enigmatically-monikered Uberman, summed up his original decision to take the opportunity to introduce something further into the revitalised UK Industrial scene: „It seemed to me to be a musical polyglot that was all about progress and change and pushing forward to seek the next level. That appealed to me then and still does“.

This above all has been the driving force behind Uberbyte’s constantly-evolving sound: ever since the surprise success of debut album „SIC“, the band has pressed forward at a relentless pace, never standing still. Keeping one foot grounded in Industrial’s dance heyday, but incorporating developments in modern electronic music, the band forever pushes at the boundaries of the genre, while above all maintaining its core focus on songwriting and diversity.

Veterans of the live scene, their renowned stage energy and sense of fun has won them the respect of fellow artists, and legions of fans at home and abroad. Known for their unpretentiousness, the band have grounded themselves in years of festival appearances, hard-working supports to scene favourites, and cultivated a notoriously tongue-in-cheek persona.

If this is

EBM/ Industrial, it hes the traditional scowl and adopts a huge grin. Says Uberman: „Instead of seeking to alienate or shock, we want to reach out to the audience with the desire to entertain and connect. While we do have serious moments of pathos, even of beauty, we try to do so without patronising or forgetting the basic desire of the crowd: to sing along and feel the beat propelling them toward the dance floor.

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