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Mid 90s, when dance and grunge bands are famous, Matt Springfield is fascinated by the new wave culture of the previous decade. He’s deeply into bands and artists such as Depeche Mode, U2, The Police, David Bowie, Oasis or New Order. At the time, he’s learning guitar and programming and writes his first tracks. While working for the administration, Matt spends all his free time working on his music.

In 2006, his demos are selected to be featured on the website called Fresh Tracks Music (online partner of Coke Music at the time). In 2008, his demo called ‚Haunted‘ is released by the american label Woobie Bear Music and is played by several French radios (Radio Melodie, France Bleue…). In 2010, his single ‚Things I’ve Said‘ is released with the support of 372 believers on the crowfunded website called akamusic. The single is recorded at Modern World Studios (UK) with top producer Greg Haver (Melanie C, Manic Street Preachers…) and mastered by Ryan Smith (Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Erasure…) in New York at Sterling Sound Studio. There, Matt will find the sound he was always looking for!

The single is played several times on big German radios (BigFM, WDR2, SR1, 91,2 Dortmund…). Matt won the weekly newcomer competition on BigFM late 2010. The video of ‚Things I’ve Said‘ is also played on TV (TapeTV, GoTV)! The single is remixed and played by several DJs : Xavier Seulmand, Mark Lucas, Misha Zam, The Damn Bell Doors, Paul Vinitsky… In March 2011, ‚Things I’ve Said‘ is released on the compilation „TV Media-100% Hits Vol.1“ by Universal Music. This compilation includes such artists as Kylie Minogue, The Black Eyed Peas or Martin Solveig.

With this success, Matt raise a new budget from 640 believers in November 2011 in order to record his complete album. This album called „Erase All Data“ is recorded in the UK in January 2012 with pretigious musicians like Nick Nasmyth on keyboards (Spice Girls, Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue…), Andy Taylor on guitars and Greg Haver on drums. The album is distributed by Universal Music in France/Belgium and by Believe Digital in the rest of the world. With a electro pop-rock atmosphere, Matt take us on a trip back to the future with a unique, fresh, retro-futurist sound.

With „Erase All Data“, Matt Springfield takes us for a ride in the world of „pop music“. The trip begins with ‚The End Of Life‘, a powerfull electro pop track, with a lively percussion, that reminds of Depeche Mode. Then, comes ‚Poplife!‘, a pop/rock track in the style of The Killers. After that, the listener discovers ‚Need You Tonight‘, a divine plea. The song is piano rock, with a catchy chorus and reminds us of Robbie Williams or Keane. ‚American Soldier‘ is a soothing ballad that tells us the story of a young American soldier who dies in the fight. Its sound is close to Lana Del Rey or to Adele. The album continues with ‚Feel Loved‘, a festive and lively piece with an electronic atmosphere so 90s. ‚See You‘ is a new ballad with a mesmerizing symphony and prepares us for the finale. The adventure ends with two hits: ‚Things I‘ ve Said‘ and ‚Haunted‘. We feel Matt’s biggest influences here: U2, Coldplay and Muse. Human existence, success, the price of fame, love, death… There are so many tackled issues in „Erase All Data“ which are the inherent part of the human condition! It reminds ushow important it is to seize the day if we want our lives to be exceptional.

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