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Die amerikanische Rockband Thirty Seconds To Mars hat sich für ihren Weltrekord standesgemäß vorbereitet: in Frankfurt und in Köln haben sie live insgesamt 25.000 Fans in ihren Bann gezogen und beendeten somit ihre Tour in Deutschland. Diese Woche werden 30 Seconds To Mars die magische Zahl von über 300 Konzerten während eines einzigen Album-Zyklus erreichen — die Eintragung ins Guinness-Buch der Rekorde ist schon vorbereitet, wenn sie am 7. Dezember im New Yorker Hammerstein Ballroom auftreten werden. Rund um die Feierlichkeiten geben Thirty Seconds To Mars zwei weitere Konzerte: am 6. Dezember wegen großer Nachfrage an gleicher Stelle und am 8. Dezember einen speziellen Akustik-Gig in der Saint Peter’s-Kirche in Chelsea. Wir haben Tomo nur wenige Stunden vor dem Kölner Konzert in der Lanxess Arena zur aktuellen Tour und zum Guinness Buch Eintrag befragt. 

Albumcheck: How you feeling?

Tomo: Oh, I am feeling fine. 

Albumcheck: Me too. Thanks. So it doesn’t take so long that you go on stage. 

Tomo: No, not really. I think at nine o’clock we go on stage. Are you coming to the show? 

Albumcheck: Yeah. I am really interested in it. 

Tomo: Hope you enjoy it. It’s the final show in Germany. I love playing in Germany. 

Albumcheck: Really? Why? 

Tomo: The Germans are a great audience. Germany is really good to us. It’s a great place to play. But now it’s gonna be over. But just for this album cycle. 

Albumcheck: Do you have a special ritual before you go on stage? 

Tomo: No, not really. I mean, we work very busy until we go on stage. It’s just a comfortable normal thing, we just go on stage and play. But it’s very calm just before the show is starting, but after that we go on stage and we go crazy. So we got to do our thing.

Albumcheck: You’ve been on tour for two years now.

Tomo: Over two years.

Albumcheck: Okay. Over two years. Isn’t it boring to play the same thing all the time?

Tomo: No, because it’s never the same. I mean, once you play in, every audience, every city expires a different show. Even so we play some of the same songs but every night it’s a little bit different. It doesn’t get boring. You see different faces, the energy is always different and therefore it stays fresh. I can see from the outside it might seen its anomalous but it’s actually stays fresh.

Albumcheck: I could imagine it could be quiet difficult to be on tour, go everywhere around the world,  to have no privacy.

Tomo: Yes, it’s a part of that. Travelling is difficult. But that is everything when you have do to it all the time. You learn how to travel easy.

Albumcheck: It’s like a job from nine to five?

Tomo: I don’t really think about that, but I mean in the sense it could be like that. It’s like a routine you definitely learn. It becomes normal like anything else. Over two years there are over 300 Shows in this album cycle. After that we just actually finish.

Albumcheck: For your over 300 shows ( at this Album period of  „This is war“) you will receive an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Are you proud?

Tomo: Sure. I think it’s fun. And it’s a nice piece of  symbolism for our work that we’ve done for this album. We worked hart and traveled around the world, played so many shows at so many different places, so it’s nice for us to have something to reveal: Yeah, we did this by ourselves. We worked and worked and worked. People wanted us and we gave it to them. The interesting thing is on 7th Dezember we’re doing a live stream of the show with a company called Vyrt. 

Albumcheck: I think most of the fans knows that.

Tomo: Maybe they don’t. It’s gonna be very interesting. This is the very first time that you’ve been ever able to purchase a digital ticket to attend a concert from anywhere in the world. And it’s going to be extremely high quality, there are multiple cameras, great sound, before show acts and so on. We have got cameras all over the place. It’s gonna be really interesting. I think that the people gonna have fun. Also we’re going to preciate to the people the celebration with us. It’s gonna be a big night. So many people will come to New York. They spend that evening with us and this will gonna be very great. It’s also the first thing that ever done in the way we gonna do it. It’s gonna be really cool. 

Albumcheck: After your tour told your fans that you need a break what I can really understand. To be on tour for over two years is really exhausting. Do you have any plans for the future? 

Tomo: Yes, of course. 

© KristinieC by Flickr

© KristinieC by Flickr

Albumcheck: And what? I mean, your fans are frightened and think 30 Seconds to Mars could split. 

Tomo: Okay, first we have to finish this year. We see the finish light. And then we gonna rest and we will get together for a kind of anual meeting about what we gonna do next. 

Albumcheck: Is it possible that you split? 

Tomo: Anything could happen. You never know. But I don’t believe that this could happen. We haven’t finish yet saying what we wanna say. I don`t wanna say anything concretely what will happen. We will see.  

Albumcheck: Your album „This is war“ is very successfully. Do you have a favourite song on it? 

Tomo: Mh, I have several. But the one song that really summarizes everything and have maybe a look into the future would be „Night of the hunter“. I think „Night of the Hunter“ really captures the essence of this album and the creative process what we had when we were making „This is war“. Also I think it really show what’s coming into 30 Seconds To Mars. 

Albumcheck: Is „Night of the Hunter“ your anthem on „This is war“? 

Tomo: I don’t know. You know all the songs are great and I love playing all of them. People ask this question a lot.

Albumcheck: I think so. 

Tomo: Everytime I struggle with that. You know. I have different favourite songs every week.

Albumcheck: Yeah, I know this. It’s like me. But some songs stays in your mind forever.

Tomo: Yes, „Night of the Hunter“ is all around us. And if you need a one word answer: that’s the one.  

Albumcheck: Do you think „This is war“ is the best album you’ve ever made? 

Tomo: Yes. 

Albumcheck: Is it possible to increase it?

Tomo: I don’t know. Maybe increasing is the wrong word. I think our next album will not be louder, bigger or faster. It just will be different. The idea is to being creative. The goal is to being innovative and to keep challenging being creative. We don’t want to repeat ourselves. That’s the goal. Not to make a bigger or better album, just to make a different album.

Albumcheck: WoW, that’s really a good answer. I know what you mean. 

Tomo: That’s the truth. We do not want to be successful with an album with the next one. If it would happen that will be great. But that’s not our goal. We want to challenge ourselves. So if we gonna do a new record we won’t do the same things. 

Albumcheck: So you don’t want to have a typical 30 Seconds To Mars Sound? 

Tomo: No, and if you listen to the other albums the sound is always changing. The first record (30 Seconds To Mars) that Jared and Shannon made together is one thing. And then on „Beautiful Lie“ we worked on together is completely different. And if you listen to „This is war“ is also completely different. But there is a thread to those each of them. The result is different but the result is always 30 Seconds to Mars. 

© Virgin EMI

Albumcheck: So you grow up with your work as a musician. 

Tomo: Yes, exactly. You have learn some things and you bring some things with you. You always know that’s us. 

Albumcheck: I think this is really an important way. Some bands has got their typical sound and stay at their line. After the years it could be boring to the people.  But to other bands like Depeche Mode, for example, it’s like an experience to make music. 

Tomo: Yes, every album of them is a new story, a new sound and a new experience. But you now, you have those elements and I know that’s Dave Gahan’s Voice and that is Depeche Mode. It’s like you hear Jared and you know this is 30 Seconds To Mars. You know Shannons drum, you know my guitar. This is on of our goals, the create a different sound but the people know that is you. 

Albumcheck: In recent years, much has changed for you. What has changed the most with yourselves? 

Tomo: We have changed a lot. We’ve learned so much about each other, about ourselves and what we feel and what we want. And now we know who we are. We have found our identity. This is a thing, I think, that changed the most. Not that we didn’t have that before. But now we really know. We know what we wanna say and now we know how to do it aswell. 

Albumcheck: That’s more than other people do. 

Tomo: Yes. We are really lucky. We’ve been able to do things in our lives that allow us to spend the time focussed on singular thing. 30 Seconds To Mars is life within all the possibilities. 

Albumcheck: You have a really huge fanbase called „Echelon“ and you still keep in touch with the Echelon that you call your family. What makes them so special? 

Tomo: Dedication, loyalty, believe. They understand what is going on here and we all have a kind of a special communication. You know, it’s not a one way communication. We listen and talk as well. We take feedback. We care about what people think. It’s not like: „This is what we do. You can take it or leave it.“ This not what we do. When they comes to the show they are seeing us and we are giving to them. But they are also giving to us. So it’s important for us to have that coversation. Our fans understand us and preciate what we do and we also preciate what they do. 

Albumcheck: Last question: What do think about all the young girls who made a Mars theme tattoo? Some of the girls are even younger than 18. 

Tomo: I don’t really think anything excapt that art aspect that they want to have it permanently on their skin. I mean, for me  there is really an art reason to get a tattoo at all. It’s normal for me. It’s like to express yourself in a certain way. I think that’s great and it’s okay. I think there should be an age limit but for this girls or guys there are parents who allowed this. Tattoos are a little bit like earrings or putting make up on. It’s an experience and makes you who you are. 

Albumcheck: Thank you so much for the interview and have a great show. 

© Foto von 30 STM -> Cobrasnake

Vielen Dank an Jobin und Stephanie von EMI, die das Interview erst möglich gemacht haben!!!!!


  1. John sagt:

    30 Second To Mars sind echt eine klasse Band! Hab Sie 2010 zum ersten mal live gesehen, und kann dazu nur sagen GEIL! Live hört sich die Band genau so gut an wie auf den Singles.

  2. Lenard sagt:

    Meiner Meinung nach ist 30 Second To Mars eine der besten Indie-Rock Bands weltweit. Gerade Song wie „The Kill“ sind meine absoluten Favoriten!

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