Ausländer mixed by SIOPIS

Am 18.11.11 wird auf Klik Records / WordandSound die „AUSLÄNDER“ DJ-Mix-Compilation von SIOPIS veröffentlicht. Der in Berlin lebende griechische DJ und producer Jannis Siopis hat sich als Silversurfer auf Crosstown Rebels, sowie mit releases auf Bpitch, Kiki, Playhouse und Get Physical bereits einen sehr guten Namen gemacht.

Sein „Ausländer“ DJ Mix für Klik Records ist ein warm groovender Trip durch die Clubs und featured u.a. exklusive und unreleased tracks von Alex Dimou, Kid Bliss, David Kassi und Siopis.

Wie bei seinen internationalen DJ Gigs, bei denen die Crowd ohne Rücksicht auf Herkunft und Nationalität zusammen feiert, will Siopis auch mit dem Mix Grenzen überwinden und die Welt durch Musik vereinen
„We are all children of the Earth and Immigrants – Ausländer – in our world“

Tracklisting :

  • Avatism – The Slug
  • Creg Paulus – Nightime (Crazy P remix)
  • Pillowtalk – The Come Back (Life and death rmx)
  • Delete – Slo mo girl (Fur coat remix)
  • Derek Marin – Midnight cruiser
  • Tanner Ross & Soul Clap – M.E.S. (Deniz Kurtel remix)
  • Alex Dimou – Quiet Riot (Siopis remix) Exclusive
  • Kid Bliss – Discoshit (Siopis rmx) Previously unreleased
  • David Kassi – Freeway Previously unreleased
  • Iz & Diz – Magnificent – (Justin Martin Remix)
  • Toby Tobias -Tomorrows bringing – Lee fos remix
  • Pillowtalk – Soft
  • Siopis – You are so kool Exclusive


This was one of the first things coming in Siopis mind at the beginning of his “AUSLÄNDER” mix compilation.
His “AUSLÄNDER” mixed compilation for Klik Records shows his dream of getting different cultures together into a unity. His Greek touch in the German oriented electronic music tracks create a unique and so warm atmosphere making everybody feeling like home.

13 hand picked tracks including the exclusive unreleased tracks by Alex Dimou – Quiet Riot (Siopis remix) and Siopis – You Are So kool, the upcoming first release on Siopis label Mangali from David Kassi plus his upcoming unreleased remix on Get Physical for Kid Bliss – Discoshit (Siopis remix) guarantee an hourly trip in a globe with no boarders.

Officially an immigrant himself although he is one more of those using the globe as a unity under the guidance of music, he is the person behind the Silversurfer alliance that conquered the dancefloors with his raw and dark tunes.

Having a classical music education, playing the clarinet was a really close friend during his first steps in music. Then was the trumpet, a way to move into more “real life” sounds which together with the power of the street culture’s trends and his enormous creative talent for breakdancing, graffiti art and spinning records lead him to a career as a well established dj and producer.

Leaving Greece and settling in the electronic music metropolis (Berlin of course) Siopis showed his great skills from the very first moment. Being the producer behind the anthem “Welcome To Berlin” besides stating a real situation that actually happened (becoming an immigrant that is) also showed him the path of success. Artist and label co-operations with KIKI, Bpitchcontrol and Playhouse followed. International club icons from the likes of, The End, Souvenir, The Firm and many more established Siopis as one of the most wanted underground DJs, live acts and producers worldwide.

His “childish” dream of evaporating boarders and uniting the world through music started looking something possible each time he conquered the dancefloors having the colorful crowd sweating with his dj-sets and live appearances.

Siopis is signed and successfully releasing with Get Physical Records. His new sound and image make-over keeps him at the decks, busy with remix requests from Front Room’s Jessie Rose to Extended Play’s and Leftroom’s Chris Duckenfield.

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