Uneven Structure to release debut album Februus

UNEVEN STRUCTURE have announced that they are to release their debut album FEBRUUS on November 4th 2011, via Basick Records. The release is a thirteen piece concept album spanning across two discs, mixing lush soundscapes with fierce polymetric Metal – think, Pink Floyd’s creativity meets Meshuggah’s brutality with a side serving of Devin Townsend’s progressive charm.

A truly exciting prospect for the future of heavy music, UNEVEN STRUCTURE disassemble and reconstruct the Metal genre we all know and love, by creating contemporary atmospheric movements that are all at once dripping with seductive cinematic ambience and groove-laden riffs.

Guitarist Aure Pereira comments on the album: „If we were to give any advice to our fans before they listen to Februus, we would tell them to take their time and really open their minds to the music, because there are a million different listening levels. Recording has taken us so long but we think it was worth the wait in the end. We wanted to be sure that we had put the best of us in it and I think we’ve been successful at doing that. Thall.“

A self-contained unit, the band recorded ‚FEBRUUS‘ at French studio Uneven Box, with guitarist Igor Omodei at the production helm. Vocals and mastering were completed at Vertic Studios in the South of France. The artwork concepts that run throughout the album and forthcoming videos were also conceived and produced by Igor Omodei.

FEBRUUS Track Listing:

Disc One:

  • 1: Awaken
  • 2: Frost
  • 3: Hail
  • 4: Exmersion
  • 5: Buds
  • 6: Awe
  • 7: Quittance
  • 8: Limbo
  • 9: Plenitude
  • 10: Finale

Disc Two:

  • 11: Dew Upon Shapeless Bounds
  • 12: Winds From Untold Memories
  • 13: Promises Of Our Early Days

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