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Nach dem Albumcheck des neuen Albums „Overdrive“ der schwedischen Band Fatboy ist unsere Redaktion neugierig geworden. Daraufhin haben wir ein Interview mit Thomas ´Pegge´Pareigis von Fatboy geführt. Ihr dürft also gespannt sein, was wir dabei so alles erfahren haben.

Albumcheck: When did you first starting music?

Fatboy: In the late 70’s. Elvis and Black Sabbath ruled the world.

Albumcheck: When did you come together as a band?

Fatboy: Fatboy saw the light of day in the year of 1996. Nothing’s been the same ever since. For better or worse……

Albumcheck: You come from Sweden and you play Rockabilly. Isn’t it strange?

Fatboy: Rockabilly came with the milkman. We’re from a frozen part of the world and it’s hard, if not unavoidable, not to be captured from the sunrise in the west screaming ” Wop-bop-a-loo-bop alop-bom-bom ………” it’s gotta be that way. If not – I’m lost. 

Albumcheck: What kind of things influences you for writing your new album?

Fatboy: The wonderful world of everyday life along with books and movies.

Albumcheck: How would you describe your new album in your own words?

Fatboy: A descent waste of time. It’s like a cheap Motel – some stay for an hour while some never wanna leave.

Albumcheck: Whats the intention or the message of the album you wanna tell?

Fatboy: There is no hidden agenda – listen and throw it away or play it again.

Albumcheck: Do you have a „favourite“ song on „Overdrive“?

Fatboy: We try to avoid listening to our own stuff but Draggin the River live makes me smile.

Albumcheck:Many styles of music are tied to specific age groups: classical music is probably something for the old semester, Pop and Dance is more for the younger people. What do you think, what’s about rockabilly?

Fatboy: A great thing about Rockabilly music is that it goes beyond age and sex. We have all kinds showing up at our concerts – 20 year olds that looks like a tattooed Doris Day together with their grandparents that still remember when Elvis came to town in a cardboard box.

Albumcheck: WOW. Thats really great. What do you like doing if you are not making music?

Fatboy: We enjoy a steamy sauna along with good wine & food. That’s what brought Fatboy together in the first place.

Albumcheck: Is there a life after „music“?

Fatboy: We are lost or saved forever. Without music there is very little.

Albumcheck: Thank You for the Interview!

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