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Nachdem wir schon über das Album „Get it together“ und auch über das Konzert im „Gebäude Neun“ in Köln berichtet haben, möchten wir euch das Interview mit Dem Sänger Haukur Hauksson und dem Gitarristen Jón Pétursson von Dikta nicht vorenthalten. Die anderen zwei Bandmitglieder mussten sich noch dem Bühnenaufbau ihrer Instrumente widmen, schließlich waren sie etwas spät dran und es lag noch eine Menge Arbeit sowie der Soundcheck vor ihnen. Dennoch haben wir die vier Jungs kennengelernt und waren erstaunt über deren Natürlichkeit.

Albumcheck: Your band called „Dikta“ What does ist mean?

Jón: It means to „compose“

Haukur: or to make something up.Like poetry. Its a verb in icelandic. It’s a very old verb so most of the people don’t know it.

Albumcheck: Your first album is in your own language. Now the album „Get it together“ is completely in english. Who had the idea for that?

Haukur: This can happen naturally. We made three albums, the first one is in icelandic and the other are in english. So we starting to write more songs in english. Usually I write the melody first and the lyrics later. When I am playing guitar or the piano I usually sing something bullshit….(lacht)…and this has always been in english. The most Popmusic I listen to is in english. That influence me and so the words and sentences come out. It startet with one song. After the first album we accidently wrote a song that was fully in english but we were so enthusiastically of it, so we do this now.

Albumcheck: And what kind of music influences you?

Jón: We listen to a lot of music. Especially british and american popmusic. Like Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage against the machine or Jeff Buckley.

Albumcheck: What’s your song writing process?

Jón: Haukur write excellent music. And when we have got ideas we get together for practise and we jam the songs. Sometimes we got to practise with no ideas. It’s all different. And we always record our sessions. So after all we listen to it again and if it’s okay we work it out.

Albumcheck: Do you have your own studio and where is it? At my last interview I talked to a band and their told me that their are meet in the cellar to make their session.

Jón: It’s more like a portable studio. We move practise bases to get new vibes of the albums. For the last album we recorded the drums in a school.

Haukur: In an elementary school. We just brought our stuff in there and made it.

Albumcheck: What things or people influence you for writing songs? Are there some relationships, people you met or political stuff?

Haukur: It’s about the typical things, like Love, some politics I guess. All the things around us.

Albumcheck: The first time when the album „Get it togehter“ came out in Iceland was in 2009. The international release of your album was in March 2011. Why it takes so long?

Jón: Mainly because we were concentrating on the icelandic market. The album come out just before christmas in 2009. The year 2010 we just used to play concerts, met people, talked to record companies and try to get an international release. That took some time you know.

Albumcheck: So you had a big tour in Iceland?

Haukur: We played in every hall and and every town in Iceland. Everywhere.

Albumcheck: I read that you are very popular in Iceland.

Haukur: Yeah, quiet a lot.

Albumcheck: How does it feel beeing on the road, beeing on tour?

Haukur: It’s nice.

Jón: Especially here in germany.

Albumcheck: Because of the groupies or what?

Haukur & Jón: The people are very nice and it’s interesting to play at different places. New faces and new ears. New People.

Jón: Iceland is a very small country and everybody starts to know you.

Albumcheck: Yeah, so you have to talk to people like me. Again and again. You said that you like to play in Germany. Which cities you have been here in Germany? Do you see some seesights?

Jón: For this time we went here, it’s our first gig tonight. We don’t see so many cities because we always have to move. But after all the next two days we stay in Krefeld and then back on tour.

Haukur: This time it’s just driving, sound checking, playing, sleeping and so on.

Jón: You have to visit the concert.

Albumcheck: Oh, that’s fine. I’m really interested to see you live. After my creepy monday today.

Haukur: So we play the concert especially for you and all the people are out there.

Albumcheck: Really, that’s nice. I deserve it I think. Do you have a favorite song on the album?

Haukur: No, it’s like when you say this kid is your favorite kid.

„You Steven you are my favorite son“ ….“And you are an asshole“

Danach brachen wir übrigens in schallendes Gelächter aus.

Albumcheck: Are you starting to write a new album?

Haukur: Yes. We make a new album and it will be released in Iceland this year. Don’t know about the rest of the world but in Iceland it will be out soon.

Albumcheck: How does it feel to beeing so stressed up on tour and all the song writing stuff ? Is it really nice? Or do you think this is a thing I have to do because you are a musician?

Haukur: I Like it. And also we have normal dayjobs.

Albumcheck: You have?

Haukur: Yes. We doing music n the evening. We all have two jobs. So this is quiet a nice break to say goodbye to the dayjob.

Albumcheck: What’s your dayjob?

Haukur: I am a doctor. I am a general doctor I haven’t specialized yet. Jón finished school for teacher degree, so I gonna be a teacher soon. Our Bass Player also finished his teacher degree aswell. And our drummer is a pilot. In Iceland the music scene is so tiny only a few people can live from it. And we have fun with our dayjobs.

Albumcheck: You have a lot’s of economic problems in Iceland. Do you write songs about it?

Jón: The economy colabes and there is a lots of unemployment in Iceland. And when you have a look at the name of our album „Get it together“ there is a connection because you know we get it together and we can handle it.

Albumcheck: This is really a nice message. On your album you can see an iceland pony.

Haukur: Yes, it’s an iceland pony. It’s a painting from a young artist. I just bought it and I also saw some other pictures of him and after all we just talked to him for using his picture for the cover and he agreed.

Jón: Also on another album we have a picture of an artist from Iceland.

Albumcheck: It seems to be you make some advertising for icelandic artist. What’s your favorite colour?

Jón: Dark blue

Haukur: Blue

Albumcheck: Who is your favorite musician?

Jón: I always been a fan of the Edge from U2 (*David Howell Evans)

Albumcheck: Thank you guys for the nice interview.

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