Im Interview mit Columbia

Wie wir in unserem Feature über Columbia bereits angekündigt haben, könnt ihr nun hier das Interview lesen. Der Sänger Kevin Schallié und der Gitarrist Richard Jacquard hat der Redaktion Albumcheck Rede und Antwort gestanden. Wir hoffen, wir können euch somit die Jungs ein wenig näher bringen. Viel Spaß!

Albumcheck: Why do you called your band „Columbia“?

Kevin: That’s one thing that we don’t tell people. It’s too incriminating. A lot of people thought it was because we live in British Columbia in Canada, or because it’s the name of Oasis’s first single but it’s not.

Albumcheck: When did you start making music?

Kevin: Richard and myself started playing music together in 1998 in school. He was in another band and I stole him from them.

Albumcheck: What comes first? Lyrics or melody?

Kevin: For me the melody comes first then i write the music, and if Richard writes the song he then shows me to finish the lyrics.

Albumcheck: Who writes the lyrics and who the melodys?

Kevin: I write the lyrics and melodies and Richard does lot of the music. We normally both do a lot of writing together to make the final product.

Albumcheck: Who or what is your source for inspiration?

Richard: For both of us it’s loving music so much. We both have different bands that we look up to and we want to make other people just as excited as we are with the bands we love.

Albumcheck: How do you manage to take the text and music is a symbiosis?

Kevin: We listen to a lot of classic rock and it’s all about having great sounding lyrics with good music underneath. We don’t want to confuse our fans we want the to enjoy the songs and sing them in there cars.

Albumcheck: What do you like the most of making music?

Kevin: The best part of music is being creative and then having people appreciate what you’re doing. Our fans mean everything to us. I know lots of bands say that but for us it’s very true.

Albumcheck: How does it feel for you beeing on stage?

Richard: The whole band loves playing live. Being on the road and playing our songs
is a big reason we do this.

Albumcheck: Whats the best Song on your album and what intention has it to you?

Kevin: Not sure if it’s the best but, 10 Out Of 10 was the first single of the album and it’s been played all over North America. It a real rock & Roll song. It’s about girls and partying. The classic rock song haha.

Albumcheck: Your fans can buy your album on the internet. They have to name their price. This is really unusual. Who came up with the idea?

Kevin & Richard: We didn’t know you could! K: It’s probably our manager that did that. To us it’s really all about spreading our music around. Getting people into the band. Money and all that will come later. For now we just want people from all different countries to get into Columbia. If you don’t have money to buy our CD it shouldn’t stop you from listening to us.

Okay, guys. In the End some Shortcuts, like I usually do. Two diffrent things. Tell me the one you prefer.

On stage or in the studio?

  • Kevin & Richard: Right now we both want to get into the studio, but that changes as soon as we get into tour mode.

Twitter or Facebook?

  • Kevin & Richard: twitter

Rock or Pop?

  • Richard: Rock
  • Kevin:Rock and Pop.

Albumcheck: Haha. Only one thing. 😉

Canada or USA?

  • Kevin & Richard: We’re Canadian so it’s Canada, we like our health care lol. America has been great to us too though!

Hockey or Football?

  • Kevin & Richard: HOCKEY!!!

Black or Blue?

  • Kevin & Richard: Black

Children or parents?

  • Richard:Haha not sure what that means, we’ll pick parents cuz we don’t want kids right now : )

Albumcheck: You will break the heart of your fans. Maybe they all want to have kids with you. Who knows?!

Depeche Mode or Rolling Stones?

  • Kevin & Richard: Depeche Mode

TV or Radio?

  • Kevin: & Richard: Radio

Book or Internet?

  • Kevin: Book
  • Richard: Internet

Albumcheck: THANK you guys for the Interview!!! You are really amazing.

© Photos by Ashley Perry

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  1. Magett sagt:

    This is the information I’ve been looking for! Thank you so much. Really enjoy reading this interview. Love Columbia so much.

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