Tipp der Redaktion: Audiotransparent

Audiotransparent is a band from Groningen in The Netherlands. In 2003, the band released its self-titled debut album, which was recieved well by press and audience. A couple of support shows for Tindersticks surely helped. After lots of touring, second album ’nevland‘ was released in 2005. Again, well received. The album was named after football player Erik Nevland, who played for local team FC Groningen. Apart from playing all over The Netherlands, audiotransparent toured in Germany, Denmark and Canada.

In 2009, their third album ‚Chekhov Guns‘ was released. A stylistic departure from their previous albums, which are more postrock and altcountry flavoured. ‚Chekhov Guns‘ is the band’s toppled over record shelve. Influences range from Animal Collective to Wilco, Neutral Milk Hotel to The Notwist. The song You are a Movie features Great Lake Swimmers‘ Tony Dekker and Erik Arnesen.

audiotransparent is:

Bart Looman – vocals, bass, guitar
Gijs van Veldhuizen – guitar, sampler, vocals
Andreas Willemse – violin, piano, synths, vocals
Wessel Spijkerman – drums, vocals
Chris van der Ploeg – guitar, vocals

Hier ein Video von Audiotransparent:


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