Audio Transparent working on a new album

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Audiotransparent ist eine Band aus den Niederlanden. Wer bislang geglaubt hat, dass Niederländer keine gute Musik machen können, wird spätestens nach Moke eines besseren belehrt sein. Die Jungs von Audiotransparent haben auf ihrem MySpace bekannt gegeben, dass sie derzeitig an ihrem viertem Album arbeiten und fleißig an neuen Titeln schreiben.

„What would it sound like if we’d push over our record shelves and then glue the pieces back together? Chekhov guns is the result of this puzzle; the third audiotransparent record.

Together with producer Corno Zwetsloot the band took two years inside a fully analog studio (no computers used for recording!) to assemble the thirteen songs. During this process more then only record shelves toppled over. Band members got acquainted with grown up issues. Singer Bart saw his own life fall to pieces. The theme for the record can therefore be described as ‘Bits and pieces’, lyrically as well as musically. The question is whether the old dutch saying “Shards bring luck” is really true…

The group let go of the quiet, slow and melancholic spheres of the first records to work on a true, raw indiepop record. References shifted from Sparklehorse and Low to Wilco, Neutral Milk Hotel and the more electronic groups like Notwist and Animal Colective.“

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